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"​Algorithm Aversion: Evidence from Ridesharing Drivers"  (with Meng Liu, Xiaocheng Tang, Siyuan Xia, Shuo Zhang, Qianying Meng)  

Management Science, forthcoming

"The Power of Commitment in Group Search"  (with Xinyu Cao)
Marketing Science, 43.1 (2024) 213-228.
"Cheap Talk on Freelance Platforms" (with Tony Ke)
Management Science, 67.9 (2021) 5901-5920.
"How Do Successful Scholars Get Their Best Research Ideas? An Exploration" (with Cathy Cao, Xinyu Cao, Matthew Cashman, Madhav Kumar, Artem Timoshenko, Jeremy Yang, Shuyi Yu, Jerry Zhang, and Birger Wernerfelt)
Marketing Letters, 30.3 (2019) 221-232.

​Working Papers

"Zero to One: Sales Prospecting with Augmented Recommendation" (with Saiquan Hu, Juanjuan Zhang)
Marketing Science, ​minor revision
  • Finalist, 2022 ASA Statistics in Marketing Doctoral Research Award
  • Runner-up, 2021 Shankar-Spiegel Dissertation Award​
"​Dynamic Marketing Policies: Constructing Markov States for Reinforcement Learning" (with Duncan Simester, Jonathan Parker, Antoinette Schoar)    Appendix
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